Seb is in Year 1 at school, he enjoys sports of all sorts playing, Rugby, Football, Swimming and is currently a Green Striped Belt in MartIal Arts. Seb's parents feel that it is important to install strong values even at a young age and since Seb was 2 they have chosen a charity for him to fund raise for each year. Historically, this has been to help people with Cancer as Seb likes to help other children who are sick, or not as fortunate as he is. He always takes the challenge on with a smile.


This year we talked about helping poverty and he was keen to try and do something to help. He wanted to team up with his Dad John, a Trustee, and tackle something a little bit harder, so Dad reluctantly agreed to run a 3K obstacle course with him.  We talked about raising money, and Seb as always wanted to help other children - check out the details of his upcoming fundraising endeavour below and help Seb achieve this goal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 19.45.47.png